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   The website has been redone and still under construction. Taking a break for now until further notice. The status is now work in progress from alpha release. The server will be down and the game will be broken to save electricity due to little to no activity on the server.


   The game is now running on version A1.8.2.

Bug Fixes A1.8.2
+Fixed mine use crash near illegal spots
+Fixed fullscreen option revert
+Fixed time win condition in zombie mode
+Fixed blood splatter
+Fixed press enter on login (without version check)
+Preventing players from healing self back from the dead
+Fixed memory surface loss bug

Changes A1.8.2
+Sounds polished
+NPC motion tweak
+Server sided CTB bag when player leaves
+Network traffic optimized. Now sends all data in one buffer each frame.
+More anti-hacking designed into the network
+Tweaked respawns
+Tactical nuke is now bigger
+Moved movement type to options
+Artillery strike area of effect draws until complete
+Reorganized create menu
+Categorized options
+Username and passsword must now be alphanumeric with no spaces

Additions A1.8.2
+Backspace is now a shortcut to return a whisper
+Mouse wheel now scrolls the scrollbars
+Login now has memory and remember checkbox
+Capture the Bag and Zone Control now have waypoints
+Create game menu now has memory
+New game mode: Assault
+Audio option button hover
+Audio option npc sounds
+Game option heads up display
+Game option players info
+Game option mode display
+Game option waypoints
+Game mode option: balance teams
+Game mode option: respawn time

Assault Game Mode
Assault is a game mode where players verse NPC grunts. Battle grunts until the win condition is met. If all players are dead, the grunts win. You may revive other players with medkits.

Balance Teams
Balance teams game mode option is defaulted to on and works for team game modes. Players joining a game will only be given the team(s) that has the least amount of players to join.

Respawn Time
Respawn time game mode option sets the respawn time for all the players when respawning. Respawn time is defaulted to instant and may be 1,3, or 5 seconds.


   The server is back up and running version A1.8.1; now available and uploading to all outlets.

All accounts have been deleted to support the new features for the game and expect more account swipes in the future until the account system is feature complete.

A1.8.1 Bug Fixes
+Deadlock on zombie spawn
+Player blink respawn
+Smoke lag
+Depth issues

A1.8.1 Changes
+Menus now use scrollbars
+Deathmatch color is now black
+Zombie tweaks
+Lots of back-end work to prevent hacking and allow future additions to the game

A1.8.1 Additions
+More Options/Preferences
+Friendly Fire game mode option
+HTTP Version check on startup

FRIENDLY FIRE Game Mode Option
Friendly fire is defaulted to on, turning friendly fire off will prevent team mates from shooting other team mates; however explosions from grenades, mines, and abilities will cause a team kill.

The server is currently running in debug mode to give me more information about runtime errors that may occur. I also encourage all advanced play testers to try hacking the game. Still much work ahead and happy dire days!


   The server is going down for maintenance and will be down for most of the day. Verison A1.8.1 is almost done and will hopefully be online when the server is back up.


   Hey everyone! I'm still alive! Been hard at work on the new version that touches on a bunch of game elements, adds new features, and the known issues are fixed! Tweaked zombies, upgraded menus, more options/preferences, some changes, and polish. Currently working on statistics, friendly fire game mode option, http version checks for future compatibility down the road of production, and more anti hack protocols. The game is finally coming to its adolescence. As of now, I have had testers able to hack the game and crash the server; so the server may not be up. If the hacking persists, I will bring the server down and take advantage of the time to do maintenance ( The server needs a rest anyways; it ran for 8 days straight serving honorably).


   Hey everyone! Wanted to thank all the recent testers and let you know the game is still being worked on. We found a bunch of bugs and I have diagnosed all the problems and have solutions for them. It's taking some time because I'm working in the factory.

Volunteers Wanted!!!
I'm looking for team members for play testing and graphics. Be apart of the Dire Days team! Dedicated members will be credited and if the game ever makes money (ads or bought), you will be credited.

Known Issues A1.8.0
+Deadlock in zombie mode
+Player blink respawn
+Smoke lag
+Depth issues
+Zombies won't take damage if too close


   New version A1.8.0 is here and being uploaded to all outlets. Working on new walkthrough video and example screen shots to show what's new. Two upcoming events this weekend!

Bug Fixes A1.8.0
+Zombies should not desync
+Zombies should eventually get to their target
+Zombie mode sounds work correctly
+Server now kicks stuck accounts after twenty-five seconds

Changes A1.8.0
+Player has low visiblity inside smoke
+Zombie mode max players is four
+(TEMPORARY) ASCII characters only when typing
+Respawn is server sided and counts down from three seconds (Should take four seconds with strong connection)

Addition A1.8.0
+Zombie mode player healths are shown in top right corner
+Zombie mode players death by zombie gives kill message
+Zombie mode dead players give waypoint to other players to find the dead player
+News and server status on login screen
+Nukes work on zombies
+Support and help buttons on main menus that link to the corresponding webpages

I'll be working language support for next version using the full range of UTF-8 characters and will add controller support (XBox and PS4) with fixed controls and slowly transition all controls into one system that can be mapped by the player. For the new smoke effect, I've changed how they're drawn and must optimize them. Having too much smoke in one game will cause lag; even on high-end systems.


   New server is up and running. The website will be getting a makeover in the next few days and then work will continue on the game: fixing known issues and adding extra UI that links to this website and gets news/server status from in game. Happy Dire Days! XD


   Setting up new server tonight. The server will be down for a few hours between 11PM and 5AM (UTC - 5) Eastern time (U.S. and Canada).


   Hot fix A1.7.3 uploaded.

Bug Fixes A1.7.3
+Zombies don`t walk through walls
+Game no longer crashes joining zombie mode game
+Zombie mode end sounds

Changes A1.7.3
+Game Mode Sounds

Known Issues A1.7.3
+Zombies may get stuck
+Zombies may desync attacking target player

The zombie mode is still incomplete and will be adding player healths to the heads up display, zombie killed player messages, revive alert and heads up display for downed player, and make the max players 8 for zombie mode.


   New version A1.7 now available. Two upcoming events this weekend.

Bug Fixes A1.7
+Zone Control on Captial Siege no longer crashes game
+Kill score and xp

Changes A1.7
+Network management, smaller upload and download speed

Additions A1.7
+New Game Mode: Zombies
+Chat Alert


   Apologizes for the server being offline last night! I received a call from my ISP before I had to go to work about maintenance in the area for June 16th 12am - 5am (UTC - 5) Eastern Time and was unable to update the page. The server is running well with no problems and will eventually work on getting these latest updates to you sooner and in game. Happy Dire Days.


   Version A1.6 complete and uploaded. Uploading to all outlets. New media in the works and two new upcoming events this weekend.

Bug Fixes A1.6
+Game chat missing keystrokes
+Capture the Bag losing bag
+Capture the Bag bag pad

Changes A1.6
+Smoke grenade supply x1
+Shotgun delay and accuracy increase
+Submachine gun damage and accuracy increase
+Pistol damage and accuracy increase
+Supply crate cooldown after use
+Assault rifle accuracy increase
+Rifle accuracy increase
+Shotgun accuracy stays the same while aiming
+Player variables now server side
+Game runs on new static IP

Additions A1.6
+New Map `Concrete Battle`
+New Map `Capital Siege`
+New Game Mode: Zone Control
+Player Roster shows game win condition
+CTB and ZC game modes have extra heads up display shown for mode
+Zone Control XP
+Options V Sync, Volume, Music)

Known Issues A1.6
+Zone Control on map `Capital Siege` crashes game


   Version A1.6 is almost complete with lots of new additions and happy to say little bug fixes. The server is holding great with no issues and we`ll be ready for beta after A1.6. NOTE: A1.6 will be served on a new IP address and all older versions will be unable to connect to the server nor get a direct download link to the latest version!!! Please be patient while the new network settings are being applied over the next few days. A1.5 server may be offline or online at any time until the new version is available.


   Uploading version A1.5 to all outlets. Two new upcoming events! New media in the works.

Bug Fixes A1.5
+Join menu error
+Various server resource management and crashes

Changes A1.5
+Smoke Grenade Smoke last longer and spreads less
+Shotgun damage increased
+Ping system
+Profile menu displays level and experience
+Bullets go 100% faster
+Player list displays level and in game
+No more timeclock

Additions A1.5
+Right Mouse Button heals self with medkits
+Menu button hover sound
+Game join sounds
+Capture the bag sounds
+Laggers get warning
+Leveling system
+Experience, Level Up, and Ability sounds
+Experience, Level Up, Ability notifications
+Kill, Kill Streak; and Capture the Bag steal, secure, and score XP gain


   We`re back online with new version A1.4 just in time for this weekends events. New media is in the works and the new version is being uploaded to all outlets.

Bug Fixes A1.4
+Hashtag is outputted as return line in chat prompts
+Server crash when two players grab the same bag
+Server crash from mine data create
+Profile default at game end
+No longer use abilities while dead
+Use empty ability crash
+Changing teams does not change color

Changes A1.4
+You cannot block spawnpoints with mines
+You cannot have more than 10 mines on the field at once
+Timeout increased to 20 seconds
+Laggers will be paused and the timeout clock will display until they get a response from the server
+Smoke grenade smoke spreads less
+Shotgun damage decreased
+Deathmatch game menu only shows player instead of blue and red
+Deathmatch player color is green

Additions A1.4
+Digits 1..6 change to corresponding weapon
+Incorrect version error will trigger a dialog asking to download new version (pressing yes will give you a direct download link to the latest version)


   The server will be down Thursday, May 28th to Friday, May 29th for the internet upgrade and will be back up Friday, May 29th night with the new version A1.4. Version A1.4 is mainly a patch update that fixes lots of bugs and has many changes. The Game Maker: Studio engine has been updated and the server should now be invincible to crashes. To uphold the server invincibility, the server will be rebooted daily at a specific time in the future if necessary. (AKA Server maintenance)


   A hotfix has been uploaded to fix bugs that made the game unbearable to play.

Bug Fixes A1.3.1
+Fixed profile variables that would not save or revert to defaults
+Fixed capture the bag game mode objects that interfered with other game modes


   Uploading new version A1.3 and new media. Getting an internet upgrade Thursday, May 28, 2015, so, the server will be down Thursday afternoon into Friday to get the new network setup; and a new client version will be released for the new network settings.

Bug Fixes A1.3
+Create or join more than one game (high ping players)
+Ping duplicates
+Client local variables conflicting with asynchronous events
+Spectator player leave (client side)
+Sending empty whispers
+Join list selecting

Changes A1.3
+Default movement is 'Compass' (W,A,S,D) correspond to (Up,Left,Down,Right)

Additions A1.3
+Select player in lobby chat for shortcut menu to whisper or join game
+Error codes displayed for joining game, profile save, and option save
+Movement type select in profile menu
+Map boundires fade in as player gets close to them
+New game mode: Capture the Bag


   Uploading new version A1.2 and new media. Two new upcoming events this weekend.

Bug Fixes A1.2
+Sync data
+Login fields
+Server local variable conflicts and asynchronous events

Changes A1.2
+Map 'Test' now called 'Outpost'
+Timeout increased to 6 seconds
+Lobby players indicate ingame

Additions A1.2
+Air strike ability
+Artillery strike ability
+Tactical nuke ability


   Huge thanks to everyone who came online this past weekend. It was fun while it lasted and found a few bugs. I`m working on version A1.2 currently and have those bugs fixed, also would like to say A1.2 will have some big additions to the game. Hopefully this version will be up before this weekend`s events so we can have double the fun!


   Dire Days Server A1.1: Fixed profile save bug. All Accounts on server have been erased.


   Version A1.1 uploaded. New media uploaded. Two new events upcoming.


   The server will be down for the next day as new media and game version(A1.1) will be uploaded.

Bug Fixes A1.1
+Connection timeout
+Client handles lost connection with server
+Sound fade model redone

Additions A1.1
+Chat button on main menu


   Dire Days official site created. First alpha release version A1.0 uploaded and ready to be tested by the public.

Game Modes

Play your favorite game modes such as deathmatch or zombies to capture the bag or zone control with other players around the world Dire Days style.


Engage combat with rifles and shotguns to grenades and mines; radio in air strikes, artillery strikes, and tactical nukes; or be a pal and heal your teammates with medkits.


Customize your equipment for the field and unlock new weapons as you level up. Earn experience battling your enemies and completing game objectives. Compete for the best statistics and scores.